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Are returns a headache for your retail business?

Clear Returns invites you to listen to the solutions explored in our recent webinar with MetaPack, Returns: The New Battleground for Retail.

The webinar was a collaboration between leading industry professionals, Clear Returns’ CEO Vicky Brock and MetaPack‘s Commercial Manager David Staunton,  who discussed solutions around returns strategies and analysis, which has become an increasingly complex issue amid changing customer behaviour and a dynamic retail landscape.

E-commerce sales are experiencing significant growth, so much growth that, for many retailers, distance selling has become difficult to sustain with return rates as they are. Only 16% of retailers have said they’re able to profitably fulfil omnichannel customer demand, while some retailers are seeing their return rates grow faster than sales.

Clear Returns’ data analytics has shown that 1 in 3 fashion items bought online in the UK are returned, and in some geographies, such as Germany, that rate can go up to 60%. But it’s not only fashion retailers that are seeing too many products come back to the store. Clear Returns works directly with clients from electronics, to jewellery – delivering returns intelligence to all non-grocery categories.

Returns are a growing problem for retailers across sectors and channels, especially since the damage done by returns goes beyond the initial refund – up to 80% of first-time customers who return will never shop with that retailer again, resulting in a significant loss of customer lifetime value. During this major shift in retail, it’s essential that distance sellers focus on maximising their returns strategies and customer experience with innovative technology and proactive solutions.

To learn more about these returns trends and issues and how Clear Returns’ and Metapack can help you tackle them, listen to the free webinar.

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Winner of “Tech All Stars”, Vicky Brock, Speaks at Digital Action Day about her Award-Winning Startup

Vicky Brock, the CEO of the retail technology company Clear Returns, was invited to speak about her startup and its progress at Digital Action Day 2014 in Brussels, Belgium.

Digital Action Day, which took place on the 29th of September 2014, is an event organised by the European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda that gathers lawyers, investors and entrepreneurs to discuss how digital technologies are transforming the way traditional EU industries function.

Vicky Brock was asked to speak at the event as the most recent winner of “Tech All Stars”, a competition between 12 of the finest European startups that also brings the competition’s nominees together and connects them with influential investors, mentors and other entrepreneurs.

It is a very good quality program to be on”, said Brock about “Tech All Stars” during her Digital Action Day talk. “It was a really good use of time. We spent two hours with lawyers, investors and entrepreneurs, dissecting a term sheet. And that was amazing”.

Neelie Kroes, the Vice President of the EU Commission and the Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, was also in attendance at Digital Action Day. She was also one of the individuals to award Clear Returns the “Tech All Star” title. Kroes introduced the “All Star” competition with the following words, which resonated with those at Digital Action Day:

“Europe has the talent…It’s you who can come up with the good ideas and shake it all up. Start forging tomorrow’s economy. Create the jobs. Change the world. Because that’s what startups and entrepreneurs do”.

Vicky Brock CEO Clear Returns with Neelie Kroess

Clear Returns wins the EU’s top startup competition

European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes has named retail technology company Clear Returns the winner of “Tech All Stars”, an EU-wide search to find Europe’s best young start up.

winner02-200x300Clear Returns, founded by Vicky Brock, helps ecommerce and multichannel retailers understand and tackle their returns. Returns not only cost retailers time, money and manpower, they can damage their customers perception of the business. Clear Returns cloud based software solutions are designed to give retailers the knowledge and actions they need to grow the proportion of products kept by the customer and the revenue kept by the retailer.

Clear Returns was chosen as winner at the Founders Forum, a global gathering of tech and web visionaries including Eric Schmidt, Ben Horowitz, Martha Lane Fox and Natalie Massenet.

As Vicky Brock proudly explained to the tech and investment audience:

“It’s a critical time in the growth of our business, both in terms of raising investment and scaling our growth and the competition has been invaluable in helping us get to the next stage in our business development journey.”

The competition is part of Startup Europe, the European Commission’s initiative to strengthen the business environment for web and ICT entrepreneurs so that their ideas and businesses can start and grown in the EU.  More about the competition here.

“Every day start-ups are out there creating ideas and creating jobs.  Europe urgently needs the next generation of founders, entrepreneurs and innovators: people who aren’t just waiting for someone to give them a job, but who have the courage, skills and mindset to go out there and create their own. I hope this inspires other brilliant, budding entrepreneurs out there, women as well as men”
European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes

Vicky Brock CEO Clear Returns wins innovator of the year

Innovator of the Year Award win for Clear Returns CEO

Clear Returns’ CEO, Vicky Brock, was yesterday named Innovator of the Year at the 2014 FDM everywoman in Technology Awards as reported on ComputerWeekly. Judges said Brock, of Glasgow, was deserving of such an award because she is “solving a real-world problem and being a fantastic tech pioneer.”

The annual 2014 FDM everywoman in Technology Awards brought together UK’s leading figures in business and technology to celebrate the achievements of this year’s winners and to demonstrate that the tech sector offers great career opportunities for women possessing a wide range of talents and attributes.

“It is important for women working in technology to step forward and be role models to encourage and inspire more women into the technology sector.”


Vicky added: “it is important for women working in technology to step forward and be role models to encourage and inspire more women into the technology sector. It’s a myth that computing and technology is just for the boys, or just for the science graduates. At Clear Returns, we’ve created jobs for men and women of all backgrounds and we’re using technology to make the world better for shoppers and retailers. There’s a wealth of career opportunities for entrepreneurs and for people to work with technology and I hope I can inspire young women to consider that this exciting and varied field could be for them.”

Vicky founded and leads Clear Returns, a Glasgow based technology company, that helps enterprise ecommerce and multichannel retailers optimize their profits by reducing the amount of returns they receive. Their predictive analytics software services help retailers cut operational costs, retain more revenue post sale and improve the customer experience, by helping shoppers keep more of what they buy online.

For more information on Clear Returns or to interview Vicky, please contact Fiona Griffin or Vicky Brock on