Returns Intelligence You Can Act On


It’s not a sale until the customer decides to keep it.

Our predictive returns intelligence platform will deliver

£1 million extra retained revenue

for every £100 million your organisation currently refunds.

Faster than D.I.Y.

A rear view mirror approach to returns means excess stock, unnecessary costs and disappointed shoppers. Clear Returns takes a predictive approach, letting you make proactive responses to reduce preventable returns. Problems are spotted after as few as 5 returns. This lets you better plan future buys and resolve current causes of returns before things get out of hand.

Marketwide view of normal

Brands and product sub-categories return at different rates. And we often see the exact same product returning differently between retailers. Our marketwide view of returns data means we know what normal is meant to look like for your price point, geography and sub category, so we can highlight your most preventable challenges.

Prevention is the best cure

High returns rates are not a fact of life. Not all products and customers return equally. Our returns intelligence software lets you focus your efforts where they’ll have the biggest commercial impact.

You buy your returns

Once stock is purchased, your disposal options are limited. Influencing future buys and re-ordering can dramatically reduce return rates. Which is why Clear Returns puts product returns intelligence into the hands of trading teams and buyers.

Grow Sales

Stock that is in the process of returning is unavailable to sell. You either have to overbuy or risk being unable to fulfil the orders of loyal customers. Because Clear Returns looks at the customers, products & marketing causing higher than normal returns, we leave you to be able to maximise revenue from the stock you have and from future customer spend.

Know Customers

Shoppers have different levels of tolerance to returns –some abandon you forever after the most seamless return. Our automatically generated alerts mean you can save returns-sensitive customers with a service response. You also gain insight into shoppers with particularly expensive or fraudulent returning behaviour.

Product Alerts

Up to 10% of products typically drive 50% of returns. We alert you to problem products fast, so you can pro-actively fix issues, inform future buying, and avoid disappointing your customers.

Increase Profits

Returns are costly and inefficient. They destroy margins and reduce future customer lifetime value. Until a product is actually kept, it is simply a cost to the business. So it’s no surprise that even a small reduction in return rates has a far higher impact on the bottom line.

How it works

Leave the heavy lifting to us

Returns are complicated but our requirements aren’t. You pass us your sales, returns and product reference data. It doesn’t matter what platform or systems the data comes from or how many different sources there are. We’ll automatically clean up your data and reconcile the orders and returns – in no time we’ll have the most robust returns data set you could require.

Magic maths and geeky stuff

Next we do our magic maths and geeky number crunching – we’ve patented unique processes to predict product and customer likelihood to return. We look for those hard-to-spot patterns where products begin to return differently than how you’d expect. We do the extensive statistical modelling and data gymnastics so you don’t have to – we’re already analysing more than 3 trillion returns data points!


And what do you get?

Your most business critical information is then made available to you in a web interface for users all across the business to access. Most installations take 4 – 6 weeks from start to go live. And we pass you automatic alerts by email and back to your chosen systems (such as the CRM, recommendation engine and contact centre), so that preventing returns reduces – not increases – your workload.

The company we keep

We value the trust retailers place in us. It’s our goal to help them compete and thrive commercially, by tackling one of the biggest pain points in modern retail. We’re not limited to ecommerce or a specific sector. If you refund more than £3m a year, from any non-food category – Clear Returns can help. Between them, our clients sell worldwide, in multiple currencies and through every channel.

…and awards we’ve won

Don’t take our word for it. To name just a few, we’ve been named Best New Product 2013, eCommerce Innovation of the Year 2014 and have just been nominated in the Retail Week Tech & Ecomms awards.