It’s not a sale until the shopper decides to keep it

Clear Returns software solutions reduces return rates & customer attrition, boosts sales and improves your customers experience.


    • Keep Optimization  Predicts and prevent returns using big data and artificial intelligence to ensure your marketing campaigns match customers with products/categories they will buy and keep.

    • Returns Rescue – Prevents attrition by rescuing profitable high-risk customers who will abandon you after a return.

    • Returns Intelligence – Provides total returns transparency enabling you to act fast on products, processes and campaigns that are driving high returns.


Clear Returns are global leaders in returns solutions. Our proprietary and patented algorithms and processes are based on industry wide returns data, specialist R&D and deep data science knowledge which enables us to detect significant micro-patterns, make statistically accurate decisions and revise our models continuously.


Using our award winning predictive data technology, you’ll enable your shoppers to keep more of what they buy – and keep shopping.

Getting started is simple – talk to us nowWe’ll be happy to take an extract of your data and prove the return on investment you can expect. Our solutions can unlock a 10% boost to the bottom line.

The company we keep…


We value the trust retailers place in us. It’s our goal to help them compete and thrive commercially, by tackling one of the biggest pain points in modern retail. We’re not limited to ecommerce or a specific sector. If you refund more than £3m a year, from any non-food category – Clear Returns can help. Between them, our clients sell worldwide, in multiple currencies and through every channel.