Thinking about returns in a more holistic and long term way

As a brand focused primarily on occasionwear, Coast has always experienced a high level of returns. This returns rate has been increasing over the past few years, and although we have some apocryphal information

about why (for example product fit) we wanted to understand what the real factors causing this increase are so that we can control it.

There are a number of tools on the market that attempt to address the returns issue by focussing on product fit, but the Clear Returns approach of using data to understand exactly what is driving a return, as well as the underlying impact of returns on the bottom line is completely different. We were also impressed with the impact on returns reduction that other customers had seen using the Clear Returns solution.


The Returns Insight Analysis that Clear Returns produced for us has been incredibly useful in helping us determine whether our high returns rate is a result of product (ie fit or quality) or customer behaviour. They have also shown us the annual impact in terms of profit, and provided actions for helping reduce returns.


What has particularly impressed us about the Clear Returns approach was the quality of the data analysts on the team and the robust analysis they produced. It has also made us think about returns and their impact in a more holistic and longer term way.