Ready to hit Women 2.0 in NYC

New York here we come…

We’ll be joining some of the most inspirational women and men in technology when we head to NYC to take part in the final of the Women 2.0 NYC Pitch competition.

As the only non-US tech company in the final, we’re not under-estimating the size of the challenge in shining out amongst some of the smartest startups on the planet – but we’ll be giving it our best shot!

Big Data Venture Challenge Nomination

It may be a buzz word of the moment, but “big data” is attracting the attention of retailers and investors alike.  The power of very large data sets and sophisticated algorithms is what gives Clear Returns its predictive capabilities, and this is the principle behind many of the uses that retailers are starting to turn to data mining and modelling for. Its a growing and exciting field.

And so we’re excited to have been invited to Rome as a nominee for the very first Big Data Venture challenge.  At a global gathering of data geeks, we’ll get to unleash all those mad professor tenancies that we usually keep under wraps.